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The causes of the water pump failure

The water pump is the core component of the cooling system and is essential to the operation of the engine. When the water pump fails, it will be shown as a phenomenon such as high water temperature and unstable water temperature indicator.··· Read more

What serious problems can be caused by the failure of the water pump?

Truck water pump assembly is an important part of the truck engine cooling system, its role is to extract the coolant from the water tank, through the water pipe to the engine, so that the engine to maintain a normal operating temperature.T··· Read more

Engine water pump broken how to deal with?

Have you ever been in a situation where the truck suddenly makes a strange noise, the temperature gauge shows overheating, or there is a coolant leak under the engine compartment? If so, you may want to check if your truck's water pump ··· Read more

Truck engine water pump repair procedure to ensure normal operation

1.checking the water pump body and pulley for wear and damage, should be replaced if necessary. Check whether the pump shaft is bent, the degree of journal wear, and the shaft end thread is damaged. Check whether the blades on the impeller ··· Read more