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Have you ever been in a situation where the truck suddenly makes a strange noise, the temperature gauge shows overheating, or there is a coolant leak under the engine compartment?  If so, you may want to check if your truck's water pump is malfunctioning. The main phenomena of the broken truck pump are: 1.  The truck engine water temperature increases, the temperature can not fall. 2.  The engine near the water pump water leakage. 3.  There is abnormal sound in the water pump part after starting. The most frequent failure of most automotive water pumps is leakage, the main reason for leakage is that the seal is not very in place, so that the coolant infiltrates into the bearing of the pump, thus washing the lubricant on the bearing, resulting in bearing damage, such leakage is an internal leak.  External leakage is also the main cause of damage to the water pump, including the long-term use of engine seals and gaskets leading to aging, internal leakage of the heater and so on. When the truck water pump appears obvious noise phenomenon, it also indicates that the inside of the pump has begun to damage.  The main reason for the noise phenomenon is that the bearing begins to damage or the impeller begins to loosen when rotating, and gradually separates from the rotating shaft, resulting in a noise phenomenon