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Truck water pump assembly is an important part of the truck engine cooling system, its role is to extract the coolant from the water tank, through the water pipe to the engine, so that the engine to maintain a normal operating temperature. The working principle of the truck water pump assembly is to use the rotation of the impeller to create the role of suction and discharge of coolant.  When the engine is running, the impeller of the pump assembly also begins to rotate, and the rotation of the impeller creates an effect similar to centrifugal force, drawing the coolant from the tank and then conveying it to the engine through the water pipe.  In the engine, the coolant is cooled by the radiator and then returned to the pump assembly, forming a cycle.  In this process, the impeller of the water pump assembly constantly rotates, producing the role of suction and discharge of coolant, thus ensuring the normal working temperature of the engine. We all know that when the water pump fails, the performance of the engine is usually too high water temperature, and if it is allowed to develop, the final result may be serious enough to require an overhaul of the engine.  Below, we will take a look at what serious problems can be caused by the failure of the water pump. The symptoms of a broken pump in a truck are as follows. 1. The cooling cycle capacity is weakened or even does not cycle, there will be coolant boiling phenomenon. 2.  The engine leaks water near the water pump, and the leaking coolant will leave traces of the coolant color on the pump ventilation hole, resulting in the appearance of high water temperature symptoms after the lack of coolant. 3. The engine is working when the water pump abnormal sound. The most common phenomenon is the coolant leak, when we will find some water marks in the pump vent.  You should know that the coolant itself is to prevent the engine from running at high speed when there is a "boiling pot" problem.  If the coolant leaks, naturally there is a big problem.  At this time, it is necessary to check whether there is damage to the cooling fan, radiator and water pump, and if there is, it needs to be dealt with in time.